Thinking outside the box

I’m working with a client at the moment on a Salesforce implementation. The last time I worked with Salesforce was about 6 years ago and at that time promoting work between environments was, putting it politely, suboptimal. Given the time which had passed I was keen to see what progress had been made and was amazed to find that unless the work can be performed through the metadata API then the work has to be performed manually. No, really. No rigour, no repeatability, manually. Seriously. What other enterprise system would get away with this. Worse still no one seems to have created their own solution to solve this. My client were using a well known specialist in this area and were being advised that there was not alternative. Within a few minutes I was proposing a couple of solutions – the first to use selenium to perform the changes and to repeat them consistently. Salesforce has a web front end so I should be able to navigate the DOM and find fields in a programmatic manner which I can create a “release note” to reproduce. Looks like I might have to find some time to create a harness and then sell it to a number of disillusioned software teams.