What’s in a name?

Sometimes when I’m introducing Agile to a company I wonder how seriously people are taking me when I use terms such as kanban, Scrum, dojo etc. I also become frustrated when I hear someone state they are adopting Agile and I reply by asking which methodology and receive a response along the lines of – “erm, err, just Agile”. A long time ago I used to be a member of the SUN advisory board meeting regularly to discuss SUNs strategy. During these meetings I’d often advise against the use of martial art “belts” to indicate an individual’s ability as it just didn’t appear professional compared to my engineering background. I’ve also worked with a company to deliver a “factory” model and this suffered from highly technical people being insulted by the connotations of unskilled workforces performing mind numbing tasks. The Agile term is strictly forbidden. All this got me thinking:

Shouldn’t we stop hiding behind buzzwords and instead ensure we’re just focusing on delivering best practise?

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