About me

Hi, my name is Gareth Downing.

I have 20 years of IT experience, with 14 of those in management and leadership positions where I have had total ownership of the design, creation and maintenance of numerous enterprise level web applications. In each role I have been responsible for managing the resources in addition to working with stakeholders to ensure products are delivered on time and to the required quality, if not exceeding quality. My greatest talent is being able to reduce complexity to identify significant savings, introducing new processes successfully and to improve company performance. My management style is very cooperative and seeks to bring out the most from everyone in a constructive manner.

I’m a firm believer in continuous improvement and have recently completed an MSc from Oxford University where I was fortunate enough to receive a distinction. I am especially keen on Agile methodologies and tools in addition to using “S.O.L.I.D.” architecture. My final project focused on benefits of the Open Source Model to understand how distributed and non financially rewarded teams produce high quality delieverables.

I greatly enjoy discussing challenges and helping identify solutions so please let me know your thoughts.