Introduce yourself


For my first post it seemed logical to show you a very useful technique I use when I join a new company. Typically, I’ll be introduced to all members of the company (or department) and we’ll both be under pressure to quickly find common ground. I’ll be desperately trying to remember everyone’s names and staff will be desperately trying to find out a little bit more about how their role will be affected by my appointment. To break the ice I’ll send out a quick email along the following lines:



My name is Gareth and I’ve joined [company name] today as [job title]. I’ve joined you from [old company] where I was responsible for creating and delivering software products in around a fifth of the time and cost previously possible. Prior to that I managed the software teams creating and maintaining a commission system (calculating pay for sales staff). In all roles I look to ensure processes are optimal and as Agile as possible so this will be my main focus to start with here.

Outside work I live with my family in Marlow. The family includes my wife, Sarah, my 5 year old daughter Emily (currently hoping to be a princess) and my 20 month son Edward (currently hoping to be a criminal mastermind). I am very keen on rugby and rowing and am reading for a masters in Software and System Security but I’m happy to chat on most subjects.

In my first week I will be attempting to take in as much as possible but then I’ll be looking to catch up with you all. I’m keen to hear about your roles and your thoughts on how to remove obstacles or concerns that you face and ensuring that you have the tools/support you require. I’ll look to arrange a joint meeting next week to bring the teams together but I’m conscious that you probably already have a lot on so I’ll look to use one of your currently scheduled team meetings.  

I hope that gives you a brief background but if you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to ask.


 This always results in friendly emails thanking me for introducing myself and often people will provide a little more information about themselves which we can then discuss when we next meet.